Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Have City Fans Ever Felt More Isolated From The Club We Love?

We're regular readers of Purely Man City and from time to time draw attention to their insightful articles. As you might know Andrew is an ex-business journalist and it is clear he spends much time thoroughly researching his articles. We were pleased to receive a message of support from him yesterday:-

"Every morning I read through all the City talkboards. Many of the comments have a consistent theme: that the club is going backwards and run by people who have little regard for the views of its supporters.

It's not just the lack of success, the poor quality of football and the disappointment we now endure each transfer window.

It's the prices and quality of service on the concourses, the stewarding, the fact we have to dial a national rate number to call a local ticket office, the excessive booking fees and the TVs that pump out adverts at full-blast. It all suggests we're being viewed as passive consumers, rather than fans who have an active role to play in making this club successful again.

At no point in our history have we handed over so much of our income to the club and received so little in return.

This situation has got to change. For this reason I fully support the efforts of the MCFC Supporters Trust in its attempts to establish a dialogue with the club, and to make the fans' voices heard in the boardroom."

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At 8:13 am, Blogger Simon said...

the ticket office's geographical number is 0161 2313200. More such nuggets available from Say No To O870. (I am in no way affiliated to this site but they've saved me an absolute ton on my mobile bill :D )


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