Friday, February 23, 2007

This Is OUR City - Don Price

Don Price is a well known and respected City fan. When Don says something we (the supporters) listen. We have heard from Don and are pleased to publish his message here:-

"Many of you like myself, are not 100% sure what a Supporters Trust is all about or if it will do any good. My way of thinking is this, over the last few years we have entrusted our club with people who we all knew & thought they would do a good job, how wrong were we?

The family spirit within the club has all but been destroyed, fans are treated with utter contempt, they pay lip service to fans concerns about ticket prices without doing much to increase the attendances, the service & prices in the ground are shocking, they seem happy when we are embarrassed about the thousands of empty seats for each game. Things need to change & to change fast, the fans need a voice.

The Supporters Trust can't turn things round overnight, if at all, but I for one will be happy knowing that there is someone on our wavelength trying to do what is right for the club we all support & love, give them a chance & you never know, doing nothing is not an option.

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At 10:43 pm, Anonymous Ryan said...

Who is Don I've never heard of him to be honest. By and large though I agree with his comments but maybe not put in such a harsh cynical way.

The owners of the club are doing what they can but its obvious to all they cannot take the club forward if only because they have zero appeal to the paying and faithful public. Attendances are down but up when you compare with Maine Road so its not as bad of a picture as some people portray. 10k empty seats are not a new thing in the premiership and this is not a MCFC problem alone.

What we need now is someone to take us forward and show that ambition vocally if not with money. I will not slate Wardle or Makin because they are doing their best but they are backers not makers.

At 10:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Don? Don is or was one of the most ardent diehard loyal City fans around especially on the Supporters Club scene (CSA). He bleeds blue blood and when he stands up and says something take note. He knows what he is talking about and whilst his style might be a little rough around the edges, he is honest as the day is long and tells it like it is. Don we need more like you.

At 8:16 am, Anonymous Oslo Blue said...

Whilst I admire Don's sentiment sadly I think his ideal world has gone for the foreseeable future and it is not a problem limited to City - football as a whole has changed and unless clubs act in the sensible business like manner which ours has done over the last few years they will fail to meet the economic needs of surviving in the modern game. Admittedly some of the policies may not seem in the fans interests but I have no doubt that those in charge have done their best to act in the club's best interests. Unfortunately, as fans our interests and those of the club may no longer be as closely connected as they once were. In a world where TV is the paymaster clubs (often unwillingly) have to fit in with the sometimes ludicrous demands that the demand for live tv footy imposes upon them.

At 3:21 pm, Anonymous Paul Holt said...

I have known Don for over 30 years and consider him as one of my close cicle of mates and although he says it as he thinks and some people might find this a cynical view, he is certainly voicing the thoughts and opinions of thousands of City fans. I like a lot of fans do have some sympathy with Wardle and Makin whom I have met and might I add, bleed blue blood as well! Their heart and soul is in the club, but it is going wrong somewhere.

The big problem is that fans feel alienated and frustrated at the moment with the direction the club is taking. We, the fans, feel there is no one to voice our concerns to the club. We need someone to do this who would carry a bit of weight and make the club sit up and listen.

I worry for the future, when the likes of Don is considering his future support for City. It seems to me it is not only people who have supported the club since their move to the COMS that are deserting us, it is the die hards as well. In my own experience at least 8 of my mates have not renewed their season tickets for this season and these are lads who have been going for over 30 years. They now pick and choose, mainly because the match day experience is crap, and they begrude giving the club money in advance to be eventually dissapointed at the lack of investment in the team in terms of quality players!

We need a voice, so I say get behind the supporters trust and give them a chance! It is better than doing nothing. I and my mates will be there on sunday 4th March to lend our support.


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