Thursday, February 15, 2007

Investment/ Takeover Statement

On 7 December 2006, Manchester City Plc announced that they were in talks that may lead to a takeover of/ or investment being made in our Club. Since that date no official announcement has been made and so we assume that talks are ongoing.

Although we have made statements with reference to this issue in December 2006 & last month we feel it appropriate to confirm our current position:-

"We strongly believe that success on and off the pitch requires our Club, the shareholders, the community and most importantly the supporters to pull together as one.

The imminent formation of the Supporters Trust can play a part in delivering this by representing shareholders and supporters who have no representation or voice on the board of our Club. We continue to strongly believe and encourage shareholders and supporters, who want to play an active and positive part in the future of our Club, to stand up and be counted. Participating does not have to be via the Supporters Trust, it can be via the magnificent supporters clubs or other worthy supporters groups. The most important thing to remember, is that the key to future success lies in the hands of the supporters and shareholders and their active/ positive participation.

Action does speak louder than words, the time for apathy and disillusionment is over, it is time to contribute and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

We will actively support any investor who shares those views and wants to play their part in a successful all inclusive long term partnership. We are ready to play our part."

If you are an investor, a supporter, a shareholder or a member of the community please contact us at we will treat all communication in the strictest confidence. Alternatively, come to our Open Meeting on Sunday 4th March at the University of Manchester’s Renold Building, Sackville Street Complex, Altrincham Street, Manchester.
Further details and a map for the venue can be found on this blog here

Best wishes

Colin Howell, Colin Savage, Gavin Cooper, Ian Barton, Mickey Horan, Miles Webber & Ollie Goddard.
MCFC Supporters Trust Working Party


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