Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cut The Cost Of Footie Campaign & Survey Results

Following on from yesterday's article about the Sun's "Cut The Cost Of Footie" campaign and The Football Fans Census becoming involved, today TFFC have announced the results of their "Cost Of Footie" survey. The results highlights include:-

1) Only 12% of fans think match tickets are good value for money
2) 96% think Premiership clubs should use increased TV revenue to cut ticket prices
3) 86% would go to more games if tickets were cheaper and available
4) 74% would prefer to stand and pay less
5) 70% of Manchester City fans polled reported a worsening atmosphere

Interestingly, Tessa Jowell, Culture Secretary has become the first cabinet minister to back the "Cut The Cost Of Footie" campaign and is urging her fellow MPs to join suit.

The full results of the survey, the Sun's article today and Tessa Jowell's words of support can be accessed here


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