Sunday, February 11, 2007

King Of The Kippax Supports The Trust

In King Of The Kippax's January/ February 07 issue Dave & Sue Wallace published the following article:-

"Supporters' Trusts

We attended a meeting with the West Yorks supporters branch when the guest speaker was Colin Savage - the guy who, along with a small group of colleagues (and now including Ian Barton, Chairman of W. Yorks) - is leading the way towards the forming of a Supporters' Trust for MCFC. We were a little wary at first, as we've been down this path before, some years ago, when, after building an enthusiastic groundswell of favourable opinion from City fans, we were suddenly left high and dry when no-one was able/ prepared to take on the task of actually establishing a Trust. It was a massive disappointment. But this current group have already taken things to another level and we applaud their actions wholeheartedly.

Officials at MCFC have rubbished the idea as "of no more significance than supporters clubs'. But they are wrong. We hope the club change their attitude when they see just how professional and well-organised and well-intentioned Colin and his colleagues are - and how much work, time and finance they have already committed to the cause.

This time, we believe the Trust can succeed.

The time is right."

Thank you to Dave & Sue and King Of The Kippax for their kind words of support, it is very much appreciated. We have an article coming with reference to City fanzines which we expect to publish next week.


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