Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Message Of Support From Ex-High Flyer

Retired Manchester banker David Dickman has contacted us and given us a message of support. David is a lifelong City fan and through his job was involved closely with Supporters Trusts in the UK. David says:-

"Manchester City Football Club is recognised as the leading Premier Club in community and supporters links with a very broad shareholder base. It is therefore inconceivable that this great club should not have a democratic sustainable Supporters Trust working in partnership with the Board and Club. Thus further enhancing brand and profile in partnership with its tremendous supporters, shareholders and the communities it serves."

We agree wholeheartedly with David's statement and couldn't come up with a better way of summarising the reason why a Supporters Trust is required.

We have also heard from many City fans offering us kind messages of support as well as finance. We are not seeking financial support but do like reading your e-mails. We will publish a few more of them over the coming weeks.

As you all know by now, our e-mail address is Your input and feedback is encouraged, we look forward to hearing from you.


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