Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dave Whelan Confirms Low Ticket Prices At Wigan

Dave Whelan, Wigan Athletic's Chairman, was interviewed by Ian Cheeseman earlier this evening on BBC Radio Manchester and gave a refreshing view on the subject of ticket prices.

Not too long ago Wigan dropped their ticket prices for the rest of the season and Whelan confirmed tonight that this would continue with all Wigan matches, irrespective of opponent, priced at £15 per game next season. Wigan and Blackburn's recent announcements will encourage other Premiership clubs to follow suit and Whelan in his interview hoped that appropriate action would permeate through out the Premiership. Manchester City have not made any announcements yet.

This season, Blackburn and Wigan's average gate as a percentage of capacity is 69% & 71% respectively with Middlesbrough next on 79% and our Club after that on 81%. To see the full list please take a look here


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