Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blackburn Confirm Lower Ticket Prices Next Season

Blackburn Rovers are the first Premiership football club to confirm that they will be utilising some of the extra TV revenue from next season to lower ticket prices for their supporters. Blackburn Rovers Chairman John Williams said "The new television deal offers the opportunity for us to ease some of the financial burden on fans and show that we recognise their concerns on this issue." Williams added that "Our view is that some of this new money must be returned to our supporters in admission prices.".

Williams went on to confirm that Blackburn Rovers are "analysing the information gleaned from a number of ticket promotions and will announce next season's pricing structure in due course." and "The Premiership is becoming predictable with most people able to name the top four clubs at the start of the season so we need to try and remain competitive but this has not stopped us addressing fans' concerns.".

When commenting on specific price reduction initiatives this season Williams said "Already this season we have introduced The Card which rewards loyal fans with discounts on the price of tickets the more matches they go to" and added "For the Bolton match in October we reduced prices for home and away fans to just £15 and the response was fantastic with an extra 10,000 people on the gate. This increase in attendance made sure we balanced the books and the same applied to the Middlesbrough match where we did a similar price offer.".

It is known that our Club have been discussing the pricing structure for next season and have of course implemented ticket initiatives so far this season. We look forward to them announcing their pricing for next season shortly when it is widely hoped that our Club will also do its bit for the supporters.


At 11:09 pm, Anonymous Pauliniho said...

Hooray for Blackburn. At last a football club shows how to treat matchgoing fans properly.

At 1:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

City's season ticket prices are very reasonable as they are. I think the quality of our current football will be the main reason for people not renewing. I for one am become bored of watching it. We are according to JW be an established premiership club now! We shouldnt have to resort to such tatics!


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