Wednesday, January 24, 2007

30,000 Onwards And Upwards

The counter for this blog went past the 30,000 mark this morning, only last month it went through the 15,000 mark.

We take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest, the time you have spent reading this blog and the many comments, feedback and questions we have received. As at today, we have just over 12,000 unique visitors to the site located in over 60 countries world wide please keep coming back and please keep sending us your e-mails on anything City related.

Your input is very important, very welcome and encouraged. Please continue to contact us and subscribe to our newsletter via

Thank You and Best Wishes

Colin, Colin, Gavin, Ian, Mickey, Miles & Ollie
MCFC Supporters Trust Working Party


At 3:23 pm, Blogger Bluesology said...

Keep up the good work Ollie !


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