Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rumours, Whispers and Reality - Part II

Well, we're 10 days into the transfer window and so far, young Kelvin Etuhu has gone on loan to Rochdale. So called insider info is being bandied about still regarding Micah, Joey and Sylvain - some of it good, some of it not so good.

There are also the rumours about who is coming in - Alves, Smolarek, Jones, etc and worse still the talk of the size of the transfer kitty.

So why this follow up? Well it's certainly not to fuel anymore fires that's for sure! Having read the Manchester Evening News' website this morning, I was really heartened to read Stuart Pearce's comments that Micah, Joey and Sylvain are going nowhere. I think this is fantastic news from the manager on two counts.

Firstly he is sending a clear message that we are not going to let anyone treat us as a selling club. Secondly, it sends another message. I am not naive to think for one minute that if a substantial bid for any of our players were to come in, City wouldn't give it consideration. What the message Stuart is sending here is that it IS going to take a substantial bid to get one of our players - and I like that stance!

Keep the vultures away and make sure if it is we get an offer we can't refuse, it genuinely is an offer we can't refuse.

Well done City!



At 5:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree, Prestons stance regarding selling Nugent and putting Sheff Utd completly off is another example of pricing him out of the market.With there being a great demand for decent defenders I could still see Distin moving onto a certain London team.


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