Monday, January 08, 2007

New Man Joins The Working Party

We are extremely pleased to announce that Gavin Cooper has joined us on the Working Party. Gavin shares our vision for the proposed trust and brings with him much experience including his time with the Small Shareholders Association. In addition, Gavin is an ardent follower of the Academy and Reserves running his own blog on the subject We welcome Gavin on board.

The run up to our public Open Meeting will continue to be a very busy one and we will be appointing additional members to the Working Party as appropriate. All appointments will be announced on here.

As mentioned previously, it has always been our intention to expand the numbers in the Working Party but during the initial stages of our planning and research we purposefully kept our numbers low so that we could react to developments and make decisions quickly. That time has passed and we are now firmly in the next stage.

During the last four months or so, we have undertaken a great amount of work and there is a lot more to do. We have spoken to and continue to speak to fellow supporters, shareholders, potential providers of finance/ donations, interested parties, various industry professionals and most importantly continue to have the full support and regular input of Supporters Direct, the organisation that assists and supports the establishment and operation of Supporters' Trusts.

Although we publish everything that we are doing on our blog we must make it clear that we will not comment publicly about the people, organisations and companies we have been dealing with unless they are happy that we do so.


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