Saturday, January 06, 2007

Slack Procedures At Premiership Clubs?

Until about six months ago, I had never heard of David Conn the football journalist, author and broadcaster. I also didn't know that he is one of the UK's best investigative sports journalists and a City fan as well!

His book The Beautiful Game? Searching For The Soul Of Football has been an inspiration to me and others in the Working Party. Since reading it last summer I have followed his columns in the Guardian with interest.

Earlier this week, he ran an article on the Lord Stevens' enquiry. Now there is nothing to suggest that our Club is involved in any wrongdoing pinpointed by Lord Stevens and his team but it is interesting to note that Lord Steven's report says that 16 Premiership Clubs "failed to document financial arrangements connected to their transfers properly".

How serious this is, I don't know, but does it show that the majority of Premiership clubs have slack procedures? I'd guess over time we may find out the Premiership clubs who have fallen foul of the Report and certain practices exposed, in the meantime please take the time to read David's article,,1981495,00.html

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