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City Supporters Send Us Your Views Now!!!

We receive input, feedback and questions all the time. We've actively asked for them especially with reference to the proposed trust. We have already drafted an article summarising the views received in our postbag but perhaps it is about time we opened this up a little bit more, so here's a general open question for you by all means expand on it:-

"What one thing sums up your frustration with City at the moment?"

We want to know your feelings, your thoughts, your expectations, your experiences on any and every level. Send them to us and we'll take it from there.

E-mail us on and if you do not want to receive our newsletter please make sure you say so in your e-mail.

We look forward to hearing from you.


At 8:01 pm, Anonymous Ryan said...

Where do you start? Seriously.. Its best to ask what is right with the club. Mmmmm die hard fans but even that looks like a thing of the past.

At 12:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no passion except barton, no skill except vassell, crap tactics, manager who can not motivate the team, do they want investment or is it that new blood would mean they are out of the team would it put them under pressure, where has dickov's love for the club gone - they were all S**T wardle & pearce spend too much time up each others a**es - championship here we come .

At 7:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Team - devoid of passion, tactics, flair or ability. Too many goalkeepers, the best of which doesn't get a game.

Manager - devoid of tactical nouse. Wonderfully honest, but always looks like a dead-man walking. Loves buying goalkeepers.

Back Room staff - devoid of any ability and wouldn't surprise me if any of the current problems are down to Curzon Ashton's finest trying to engineer a move to manger for himself. Encourage the boss to buy goalkeepers.

Board - devoid of ambition and money. Sanction signing of goalkeepers.

Chairman - devoid of any PR skills (his performance at the AGM was embarassing) or plan/strategy for the club. However, has dug impressively deep to keep us going and I am truly greatful for that. Blinded by manager's insistence that we need goalkeepers.

Chief Exec - great politician and spinmeister - coming to a Cabinet near you soon. However he is very much like the good ol' USofA - wields far too much unnecessary power and influence in the world. Probably doesn't know what a goalkeeper is but lets the manager buy them anyway.

MCFC - whilst on the outside it appears stable, it clearly isn't. Too much wrangling inside with an alleged fifth column still operating (even 30 years on). Hamstrung by the Council everytime it wants to do anything and devoid of significant tangible assets (except goalkeepers).

Sky TV - flooded the game with money at the expense of the fans. Singe biggest provider of finance for goalkeepers.

Fans - loyal to a fault, but even they are now on the march towards the supermarkets and shops on a Saturday/Sunday/Monday or whatever time or day Sky deem appropriate. Lacking the passion of the "good old days" whenever that was and suffering from the biggest outbreak of "can't-be-arsed-anymoritis" seen since Lenny Henry stopped being funny. Do get right behind their goalkeepers though.

Otherwise it's a great club!

Apologies - feeling almost suicidal this morning.

Mickey H.

At 2:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been supporting City since 1969 when we were a GREAT side. Ever since those heady days they have slowly declined, with the occasional glimpse of a good spell. I think one of the problems with City is that there seems to be a lot of unrest in the club, especially with other top teams always trying to poach our best players.

Why didn't Wardle approach Alan Curbishley when they had the chance ?

Another missed opportunity I think !

At 7:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Due to repetitive mismanaging of the club's financial affairs have left us with little or no clout in the transfer market. No football agent would reccommend his players to City as they are fully aware of our monetary situation. I wish GS all the best like I do for every player that pulls the blue shirt on.I could not prove that City were in the race to sign a player of Johnsons ability but I noted at the time that the nations press thought that City were in the hunt for him, and the club itself did not deny it either. Macken cost us 6 million and we let him go in the dead of night for almost nothing to a club with which we have no historical ties with. Come on, it does not require a leap of faith to suggest that the Macken deal was a pre cursor to the main event does it ?. We were twirled by Jordan, well and truly. Business acumen some might say !, my critisism of the board at City is not just a knee jerk reaction to present day events. No I can relate way back to the second coming of Malcolm Allison and the dispanding of the first team of 1977 (which boasted 10 international players on a regular basis). Since those calamitous days we have never really recovered have we ?. In those pre Allison days our attendences rivalled that of our neighbours, indeed our team performed way above them. Minor tweaking was required but major overhaul ensued with disastrous consequences, (yes I was at Shrewsbury witnessing the Allison 'frying pan plan' (sizzle on the edges and burn them in the middle !). Honest you couldnt make it up !. Then the club stumbled on until the advent of SKY TV and its gravy train of cash. As the football league negoitiated with SKY who was the main man at the FA ? City's chairman the late Peter Swales. Was he in a position to see the riches about to be heaped on the 1st divisions clubs ? YES. Several other clubs did also for eg Utd,Magpies, Blackburn etc.. they stole a march on the rest by investing SKY's money. We rebuilt the Platt Lane stand (cheap and not so cheerful) and bought Alan Kernaghan (no offence Alan). It was probably that sole act of a lack of vision by the City board that has left us in the also rans of the Premier League since. Never mind successive relegations and fortunate promotions. Regarding the present board at City, agreed they inherited a 'poisioned chalice' from the errors in the past BUT, Mr BERSTEIN promised a sound financial new world.( Sorry Franny but your spell at the helm was bizarre to say the least and best not commented on at length). BERSTEIN did sanction certain transfers but it was obvious the old guard on the board resented this shift in power and were determined to thwart him at his every move. This culminated in his resignation over the Fowler affair. History proves what an unmitigated disaster that deal proved to be. Sice then millions have been wasted on players fer eg Anelka,Macken and who could forget 3.5 million on Vuoso who never actually played for us !. Sorry if this has gone on a bit !, but this history at the club will repeat itself as long as this board continue to preside and act as the keepers of our club.

At 3:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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