Thursday, December 21, 2006

Established Supporters Trusts Membership Fees

In previous articles we’ve mentioned that the average annual fee for (adult) membership of Premiership Club Supporters Trusts is £10. Since we published those articles we’ve received information from Supporters Direct taken from their 2006 survey of Supporters Trusts. The survey shows that the cost of an adult membership of a Supporters Trust can vary from nothing to £120 per annum!

Detailed below is an overview of 2006 adult membership costs:-

32% of trusts charge £5 per annum or less
57% of trusts charge between £10-12 per annum
8% of trusts charge between £20-30 per annum
3% of trusts charge between £60-120 per annum

As detailed, there is a Supporters Trust which charges £120 per annum for an adult membership fee. All we know is this is a Scottish Supporters Trust and perhaps they have some ambitious aims and plans!

As we have mentioned before the cost and types of membership available for the proposed trust will be decided/ voted on by the membership but we do feel that membership costs should be competitively priced to ensure that it is affordable to as many supporters as possible.


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