Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jim Cassell & Our Club's Academy Praised

In the Times today they carry a story about talent in English football "drying up". The article also repeats other recent reports that because of the perceived lack of talent coming through the ranks many clubs are "considering whether or not to keep investing in academies and some have discussed closing them".

In a previous article we commented that "Our Club’s academy is one of the success stories producing more quality players than most academies in the land and that is a credit to our Club, Jim Cassell and his team." This is echoed in the Times' article where they comment on the astonishing record our academy has of producing local home-grown talent.

The Times pinpoints four areas of concern that may be contributing to the loss of English talent but concludes that it "highlights the odds over which Cassell has had such success at City". Great praise indeed and an article that reconfirms how brilliant our Club's academy is.

Rather than precis the Times article why not take a look at it here,,27-2528714,00.html

Our article entitled "How Can City Produce More Young Talent" first published on 20 December 2006 can be found here

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