Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rumours, Whispers and Reality

At this time of year every newspaper is crammed with speculation linking just about every player to every other club imaginable, and City are no different. Couple that with the announcement of ongoing talks with a mystery investor and City is an absolute hot bed for rumour, gossip and whispers.

The club have come out and furiously denied a deal has already been struck with Chelsea for Micah Richards. However, rumours still persist he is on his way out of COMS. Joey Barton has been linked with almost every mid table club in the Premier League. As for Sylvain Distin, we are all painfully aware of the on going contract saga.

The most upsetting part of all this is the club (the Richard's done deal claim aside) rarely come out and deny outright any of the spurious claims in the press. Nor do they play hard ball to scare anyone off - eg "Yes Micah is available, however anyone must pay our asking price of £30 million and any potential players they have we feel would improve our team". Ok, so that statement is a little unrealistic, but I don't want us to roll over and have our tummies tickled in any dealings. Remember how supply and demand works - I have something you want, so you pay my asking price.

What we (the supporters) are asking then, is City demonstrate the kind of tenacity and hard nosed, business acumen that sets the top sides apart from the others dining off the scraps of those at the top end of the Premier League.

So much of the media focus on unsubstantiated rumours and gossip for the want of a good story. Very rarely do we get the response we would like from inside the club. Add to that the section on the club's website "What the Papers Say" and it is clear there is currency in speculation. Whilst a media watch element to any business is sensible to say the least, publishing appropriate rebuttals alongside these articles would go a long way toward appeasing fans and allaying fears.

The current perception among the fans is we are turning into a selling club. This is probably a million miles form the truth, however what are the club doing to set this perception straight amongst their biggest and most important stakeholder?



At 10:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure we're the "biggest and most important stakeholder" any more. With the Sharholders, our creditors (the pls owes John and his mate millions), Telly, the sponsors, and the millionaire players, I reckon that puts us fans fifth most important at best.

Therein lies the problem, this is the Clubs current perspective, however look forward 10 years with the average Premiership crowd below 15000 and Sky considering the Prem tired , then where will Football be?

At 1:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about looking into the possibilty of setting up a bank account for us to deposit our season ticket money into which will only be released once the 'trust' feels that the current issues will be dealt with. I for one wont be renewing my season ticket if nothing changes between now and the start of next season but would gladly deposit funds somewhere so that the club is aware how much cash they are missing out on!

At 5:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that fan power needs to find a vehicle. Though a good idea perhaps a mass season ticket account is impractical.

Let's just completely boycott any game involving Manure or Chelski. Or even better any game shown live by Sky. Perhaps the media, the rich clubs and the powers that be would realise that we are not all obsessed with the top two, and their dominance and over-exposure is killing the league. Show them that the majority of true football fans are more interested in any other club in any other league. Empty terraces would force all concerned to look at the game as a cohesive whole. Sky and the G14 (so-called 'big clubs') may think that they are not directly financially dependent on those that actually attend matches but their 'product' can be made unattractive quite easily. We fans need to stop being sheep and reclaim OUR game. Devaluing TV coverage and reducing TV audiences via empty stadiums devoid of atmosphere is the way to bring fan power to bear.

Claim it back!


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