Sunday, January 28, 2007

Links Updated – Get Active, Take A Look

Over the last few weeks we have updated our links to City websites/ forums/ blogs etc. If you don’t already use the sites listed, please take the time to visit them, you may find a site you haven’t visited before, you may find a site you never knew existed, you may find a forum that suits you, you may find out something you never knew!

If you love all things City there are plenty of sites out there that will cater for your tastes or thirst for knowledge! Many City supporters put alot of time and effort running sites for us supporters, please take the time to look and support them.

We have also updated our links to non-City sites and those listed are more to do with the wider issues affecting football. We used these sites in our research and planning stage and continue to use them! If you are interested in the wider picture and not just City, take a look when you have some time.

We will continue to update the links on this blog on an “ad hoc” basis and there is another section to add in the next week or so. If we have omitted a City link or an interesting football link please send us an e-mail to your input and feedback is always welcomed.


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