Saturday, January 27, 2007

Richard Caborn Calls For Lower Ticket Prices

Richard Caborn, Minister for Sport, yesterday called for Premiership clubs to reduce their ticket prices. In particular he commented "I urge other clubs to follow Blackburn's lead and put fans and the community at the heart of the club".

He went on to say "The new TV deal is a great opportunity to address ticket prices with billions of pounds being pumped into football. The money shouldn't shouldn't just go into the pockets of players and agents. That is why I applaud Blackburn's decision to use money from TV income to slash their ticket prices".

Meanwhile, yesterday the Manchester Evening News' campaign for lower ticket prices continued apace with Bolton's Captain Kevin Nolan saying that he would rather see prices come down and play in a packed stadium. The MEN's full article can be read here

Our Club are yet to comment publicly on this debate but to a certain degree that is understandable with reports suggesting our Club are actively pursuing the signing of one or two players as well as discussing the possibility of Stuart Pearce becoming the next England U-21 Manager with the FA and all concerned.


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