Thursday, February 08, 2007

BBC Article On Jim Cassell & The Academy

In our article of 20 December 2006, we talked about Clubs develping closer ties with other Clubs and in particular praised our Academy saying "Our Club’s academy is one of the success stories producing more quality players than most academies in the land and that is a credit to our Club, Jim Cassell and his team." We also talked about the possibilities of the MCFC Supporters Trust raising funds to further strengthen the academy or scouting network as two examples of what funds raised by the Trust could be used for.

In January 2007, The Times ran a series of articles about the development of young players in the UK and backed up what everyone already knows, namely that our Club, Jim Cassell and his team are doing a fantastic job. It is widely known that there is a dearth of young talent in the UK right now which further confirms what a fantastic job our Academy are doing. We published links to the The Times articles at the time (in early January 2007).

In today's BBC Sport Online there is an article on Jim Cassell and his work which you can read here


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