Saturday, February 10, 2007

Calling All City Fans In The United States/ Americas

This Blog currently has readers from over 70 countries worldwide. As mentioned in previous articles, the latest independent research puts the number of UK based Manchester City fans at 886,000. According to other sources the worldwide figure is estimated to be in excess of 2,000,000.

The vast majority of readers of this Blog are based in the United Kingdom with the second highest number of readers from the United States and the third highest from Norway.

We have been contacted by Chrissy Rockwell who is originally from Manchester but is now based in the United States. She and other Manchester City fans are in the process of forming a fans group for all City fans based in North and South America, irrespective of whether they are an ex-pat or not.

As mentioned in previous articles, we are very strongly in favour of supporters organisations and will actively support them. If you are a City supporter from North or South America or an ex-pat currently working in the Americas, please contact Chrissy about joining and helping spread the (City) word throughout the Americas and beyond. Chrissy is waiting to hear from you, please send all e-mails to

Please stay in contact Chrissy, we look forward to hearing more on progress and are happy to put updates on here.

If you do not currently subscribe to our newsletter and want to subscribe please send us an e-mail. If you want to drop us a line on anything City related, have an issue to raise, have an idea, have a question, want to write an article, want to tell us your story or give us a message of support please send all e-mails to we welcome all input and feedback and look forward to receiving your e-mails.


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