Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Message From Arsenal Supporters Trust

When businesses or organisations form, they look at and learn from their competitors. During our research and planning stage we were no different and looked at many Supporters Trusts, how they operate, what their aims are, how active they are and how they co-exist with their Clubs, supporters clubs etc.

One trust we have looked at is the Arsenal Supporters' Trust. They appear to be very active and co-exist/ work with their football Club and supporters clubs. As a model, there is much to take from Arsenal Supporters' Trust's set up and we, like them, want the MCFC Supporters Trust to co-exist with our Club, the supporters clubs and other supporters groups/ initiatives working towards a common goal being a successful club on and off the pitch.

There is one significant difference between Arsenal Supporters' Trust and the trust we are proposing. Arsenal's trust holds a small amount of shares in Arsenal Football Club however, there is a real chance with the MCFC Supporters Trust that it can acquire a significant shareholding directly and indirectly (via pledges) within a relatively short period of time.

Arsenal Supporters' Trust was created to:-

1) Promote the interests of supporters who own shares in Arsenal Football Club
2) Facilitate wider supporter involvement in the club
3) Facilitate and promote mutual supporter ownership of Arsenal

These are common aims through the Supporter Trust movement and our draft aims (we will be publishing the last two shortly) reflect closely those above.

It was great to hear from Arsenal Supporters Trust recently, here's their message of support:-

"The board of the Arsenal Supporters' Trust notes with pleasure moves to establish a supporters' trust at Manchester City. We look forward to co-operating with our fellow supporters at the Blue Camp once your trust has been established on matters of mutual interest.

Best wishes for a successful meeting. Another step on the road to building supporter ownership and influence in the boardrooms of every club in the land.

Steven Powell
Board Member
Arsenal Supporters' Trust"


At 6:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck to city fans in forming a supporters trust club fans should have a voice and make themselves heard. tezboygooner


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