Friday, February 23, 2007

City Season Ticket Sales

It is great to read that our Club's initiative to attract younger supporters to games is paying off. According to our Club's statement yesterday the "recently launched Under-16 Seasoncard has proved to be the fastest-selling tickets of its kind." & "Applications for the card have more than tripled when compared to the same selling period last season".

Continuing the theme, our Club proudly announced that "Sales of the Under 21s Seasoncard are also on the increase". It is clear that our Club is excelling in attracting tomorrow's supporter today. Credit where credit is due, our Club's strategy and hard work in this area is certainly bearing fruit and should be praised.

Surprisingly, there was no update on the sale of adult season tickets but there is still much time to renew or apply. Whilst Blackburn, Bolton and Wigan have all committed to season ticket price reductions across the board our Club's strategy was to freeze adult season ticket prices for the fourth year running. That in itself is a positive move but is it enough to keep existing season ticker holders and entice new or ex-season ticket holders to apply?

We felt that our Club could have offered a gesture of goodwill to our magnificent supporters however, the Club following consultation has chosen it's season ticket strategy. How successful that strategy is, time will tell.

We have heard stories that adult season tickets sales are two hundred and forty up on this time last season, we have also heard that they are thousands down on the this time last season. Whatever the situation may be, it is too early to accurately assess if our Club's strategy has worked or not. We look forward to our Club's next announcement on this very important and topical subject.


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