Friday, February 23, 2007

Ticket Price Campaigns Continue Apace

The Sun's "Cut The Cost Of Footie" campaign continues apace as does the MEN's "Make It Fair For Fans" campaign. Both papers carry stories today on their campaigns which can be read here (Sun) and here (MEN)

Of course as reported earlier this week the Football Supporters Federation are also getting in on the act by running their campaign/ petition.

All organisations should be congratulated for standing up for the supporter; at worst stimulating debate, at best forcing change.

We ran our first story on this topic some time ago on 6 January 2007 when we discussed the extra TV revenue to be received and suggested it was time to give some back. Our article can be read here and our statement issued after our Club confirmed ticket prices for next season can be read here

Please add your comments to this article. Tell us what you think about ticket prices.


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