Sunday, February 25, 2007

How Much Have Ticket Prices Gone Up Since 1990?

The Observer has a good article today on ticket prices. The article mentions alot of news we have already reported on here like Blackburn, Bolton and Wigan dropping prices and the Football Supporters Federation being active on the subject but there is some other interesting statistics mentioned.

It was interesting to read that the average price per (seated) ticket was £6 in 1990 and if adjusted for inflation since then should be £9.60 today! What was also interesting to read is that during the same period the cost of rail tickets has gone up 1%!

The Observer's article also mentioned Utd fans boycotting the Fulham game due to the high away ticket prices but like most of the media they seem to have missed that it was City fans boycotting the Bolton game earlier this season that started the ball rolling.

To read the Observer's full article take a look here


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