Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MCFC Supporters Trust Mission Statement

It is some time now since we first published our Mission Statement (on 25 September 2006) and for those of you who have not come across it before or may have forgotten, here it is:-

"The supporters of Manchester City appear to be increasingly disillusioned about their club and generally feel remote from it. Crowds are falling as fans see themselves as less important than other external stakeholders. We see a democratically constituted Supporter's Trust as the ideal vehicle to try to reverse this, being independent from the club management but ideally working with them, to ensure that the paying fans are recognised as key stakeholders in Manchester City's future.

We want to create a mass-membership organisation, covering every element of our fantastic support, where everyone has an equal stake and whose actions are democratic and transparent. We see a trust as a channel that is run by the fans, for the fans and with the club's best interest at its heart. We also recognise the excellent work that Manchester City already does in the community and wish to support that and spread it further, wherever possible. We do not see the trust as simply a pressure group but do see it engaging with and challenging management where we feel their actions are not conducive to the best interests of the club and its supporters.

We see a trust as the appropriate umbrella for existing shareholdings and also as a vehicle for potentially acquiring further shares, wherever possible. However membership will not be limited to existing shareholders of Manchester City plc but all members will become shareholders in the trust for an affordable subscription, thereby ensuring it is accessible to the widest possible constituency."

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working together with you towards a better future.

Best wishes

Colin Howell, Colin Savage, Gavin Cooper, Ian Barton, Mickey Horan, Miles Webber & Ollie Goddard.
MCFC Supporters Trust Working Party


At 7:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You missed out about posting comments from supporters whether supportive or critical. I have posted 3 times on your site and not one has been passed by your Ministry of Misinformation. Why don't you bunch of clowns just get lost and join the moaners from Stretford.

At 7:42 pm, Blogger Ollie said...

Anonymous, I will leave the same message that I left to you on Bitter & Blue about the very same subject. We have not let a very small proportion of posts on to the blog (I doubt that it would number more than five). We are more than happy to accept constructive criticism, we are more than happy to answer e-mails and we are more than happy to contact supporters by phone. Unfortunately messages that include swearing, threats etc will be deleted. When leaving messages please bear the aforementioned in mind and we will answer. Similarly, e-mail us on and we will answer. If you leave your phone number we will call you.

At 7:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all I do not swear on my posts. Secondly if you have omited all but 5 posts on your website then it just shows how much interest there is on your trust because in most blogs I have seen very few comments. Finally stop pretending to have the support of the majority of City fans because you don't. Also why doesn't your trust put forward positive ways to take the club forward instead of just slyly having a go at the present board, who I am not exactly supportive off, however I am not just going to slag them off without coming forward with alternatives unlike your trust.

At 7:41 pm, Blogger Ollie said...

Anonymous, I suggest that you come to our Open Meeting to hear our concerns, aims and ideas for the way forward.

At 11:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous a number of questions. Are you a Manchester City fan? Secondly, how much of this blog have you read? The trust guys have suggested a number of ways forward including a way of dealing with the overpriced away tickets and encouraging fans to buy season tickets by giving interest free payment plans etc. They've also suggested that the fans be consulted on the next home shirt to ensure popularity and commercial success. They have also suggested partnerships with other football clubs around the world and using the academy as a model for success to other non-English clubs in return for first call on promising players. You sound so great, what are your suggestions then? I for one will be going to the Open Meeting to see what else they have to suggest, I suggest that you do the same instead of sniping.

At 9:50 am, Anonymous Darren Roberts said...

Anonymous - nice post fella. So what alternatives have you got then? I've read yer bellyaching, but what options are you offering? Where can I go to read about it? When are we going to have the chance to get together to discuss it and move it forward? Who's behind it all? I'd be happy to hear more, but so far, unlike these people who have named themselves, put an agenda together, kept everyone up to date with what they are doing and arranged a meeting for people to attend so we can say yes or no to the forming of a trust, you've not given me anything to understand and get behind. I've not read anywhere about them representing the majority, nor have I read sly digs. I have read constructive comments on the performance of the board at City along with what I'd consider viable alternatives to the current direction it is taking. I don't undersand your negativity mate.

NOTE TO MODERATOR:- why not let him hve his day and post his comments but with any swear words changed to fruitcake and teapot and any threats deleted or whatever it is he is supposed to have commented?


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