Friday, December 08, 2006

Smashing Through The 15,000 Barrier

For the regular readers of this blog you would have noticed that the counter has just gone through the 15,000 mark. It took 39 days to pass 5,000 and another 26 days to pass 10,000. To get the next 5,000 took 9 days!

Last but not least, following the addition of our statistic counters almost three weeks ago we have collected reams of statistical data about our readers. We have had readers from 50 countries. The most popular coming from the United Kingdom followed by Norway and then the USA. Readers from across the world are checking in regularly and we appreciate your continued support/ interest.

By the way, the statistic counters enable us to track much individual information. We are mindful of the fact that there are certain data protection laws in place so we will not divulge or pass on data but do note that several employees of Manchester City Football Club check in on a regular basis throughout the working day and beyond, thank you for your continued interest and support.

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest, the time you have spent reading this blog and the many comments, feedback and questions we have received. Your input is very welcome and encouraged. Please continue to contact us and subscribe to our newsletter via

Thank You and Best Wishes

Colin, Colin, Miles & Ollie


At 6:27 pm, Anonymous Che Guevara said...

I'd have a fiver on Red Al Mackintosh and Paul Scouser Tyrell being on here regularly checking you out!

At 1:03 am, Anonymous European Dreamer said...

I love to check in everyday to read about how your self-importance is growing by the second!!

Please stop believing your own hype!

Oh and by the way, the deal that Mackintosh has brokered will see him remain as Chief Executive after John Wardle has departed.

At 10:55 am, Anonymous Mike, Middleton said...

I love reading this website because it is impartial, informative and run by a number of guys who have got off their behinds to do something positive.

I also love reading European Dreamer's constant self promotion, negative vibes and lack of alternatives. Keep posting European Dreamer you are an embarrassment to City fans and have nothing positive to say about anyone other than yourself.


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