Friday, December 01, 2006

Manchester City Representatives In Dubai

Over three days earlier this week 3,000 delegates attended the latest gathering of the world’s biggest football business event the Soccerex 2006 Conference. Soccerex ran this event and to find out more please visit their website here From the delegate list available it would appear that Manchester City Football Club were represented at this prestigious event hosted at the seven star Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai.

Many new initiatives were being launched including an international qualification for football directors in conjunction with the Institute of Directors (“IOD”). The IOD were quoted as saying (about the qualification) “the programme has been created to help those responsible for the future of the game to fully understand their role and responsibilities, whether in the capacity of running a club or working for an association”.

In addition to much business being done a number of serious issues were debated in particular, club directors discussing selling, buying and valuing naming rights, commercial pressures facing the world’s professional clubs, how to develop club brands and attract sponsorship. There were also various workshops including the development of academy players as valuable assets.

The convention wasn't just about the business side and did look at the supporters in particular how clubs can enhance the matchday experience and take a more active role in promoting social development.

What the board of Manchester City Plc learnt from this conference and any changes they deem necessary to our football club remains to be seen.


At 2:14 pm, Anonymous JLM, Cheadle Hulme said...

Tone of this posting, and others, suggests that the author thinks City shouldn't send delegates to industry conferences. Is this the case? The venue wouldn't be of City's choosing and the fact that it's in Dubai in a 7star hotel is irrelevant. If it's a conference for a multi-million pound industry where would you expect it to take place... Blackpool? Scarborough?
If this trust is as it claims "not anti-board" you should take care to be measured in your postings.

At 3:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim, Cheadle Hulme... I read it along the lines that City may actually be looking to capitalise on the topics covered at conference and look at what they can gain from initiatives such as Supporters Trusts. I don't think there is anything in there to make me think "Oooo, 7-star hotel?? That's all wrong." I think the majority of us would be like yourself and understand it is not of City's chosing and not worry whether it should have been held there or not. What it does show, by holding it in such a venue is that the conference is actually a serious gathering, not just some lip service workshop. Please give me as the reader some credit.

At 10:40 pm, Anonymous Che Guevara said...

A good informative piece that I read as a pro-club article. The fact that City are taking time to attend the conference look at director issues, selling naming rights, attracting sponsorhip etc etc is a good thing for the club (and some would say needed!). Most importantly there appears to have been supporter driven seminars and that is also a good thing. The conclusion made is that the club may learn from the conference and make applicable changes how can that be deemed to be "anti board"? It was only a matter of time before doom and gloom merchants or club stool pigeons flocked (deliberate pun) to this website. The lads behind this idea have made it clear that they want the trust to contribute in a positive way or is your issue that you don't want supporters to become involved in positive contribution?


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