Sunday, November 26, 2006

Big Brother Is Watching You!

Two days ago, we installed statistic counters on the blog which tracks everyone logging into the blog, where they came from, how they found the blog, their IP address, where they are based in the World etc etc. In fact the information being collated is far far too much for what we need.

It’s far too soon to make anything of the statistics however, at some stage in the future we will fully analyse them and give you an overview here. In the meantime, in the first forty eight hours of collating information we have had readers from the West Coast to East Coast of America, East Coast to West Coast of Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Australia, France, Spain, Russia and of course up and down England (mainly in the North West).

Thank you for your time and continue to send your queries, feedback and input to please also e-mail that address to subscribe to our newsletter.


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