Monday, November 13, 2006

Fifty Articles Published - The Major Ones Detailed Here

Over the last seven weeks or so we've published 50 articles; a few have been re-published from other sources but the vast majority are our own.

We realise that many City supporters are coming on to this site and may not have the time to read the blog in detail or are not fully aware of our extensive back catalogue of articles. With that in mind we have detailed below the major articles and the days on which they were published, please take the time to read the ones that interest you and continue to send your feedback and questions to

Supporters Direct 22.9.06
Supporters Trust Article 23.9.06
Frequently Asked Questions 24.9.06
Mission Statement 25.9.06
Who Are We? 27.9.06
Supporters Trust NW Meeting 29.9.06
Community Projects 1.10.06
Supporters Trusts At Prem Clubs 1.10.06
Substance Recommendations 7.10.06
What Is An IPS…? 7.10.06
Corporate Governance 7.10.06
An Example Of An Active Trust 8.10.06
Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? 11.10.06
What Is An Open Meeting? 18.10.06
A Game Of Two Trusts 20.10.06
Points Of Blue Meeting 20.10.06
Supporters Trusts On The Increase 21.10.06
How Do I Buy City Shares? 22.10.06
When Colin Met Wagg & Cheeseman 1.11.06
Some Key Questions Answered 2.11.06


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