Saturday, October 28, 2006

City's 2006 Accounts Summary

The headline results for the financial year to 31 May 2006 were published on Friday 27 October.

- Total turnover is up £0.9m to £61.8m

- Ticket income up £1.5m due mainly to our FA Cup run

- TV money is down due to the loss of £3.4m compared to the
previous season

- Commercial income is therefore presumably up significantly

- Wages are down to £34.3m (2005 - £37.7m)

- Operating profit is up to £5.1m (2005 - £3.5m)

- There is a £19.1m profit on the sale of players (due to SWP

- This gives a bottom line profit of £10m (2005 - loss of £15.6m)

- Net external debt has been reduced to £32.2m (2005 - £38.5m)

- This does not include Wardle/Makin loans, which were £19.2m
in 2005

- No mention made of these loans in this press release

The detailed annual report will be published shortly, when a more detailed analysis will be posted. However, if you want to hear Colin Savage’s initial reaction to these figures and the latest news on the trust then listen to BBC Radio Manchester from 7pm on Monday night, before the Middlesborough game.


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