Friday, October 20, 2006

Points Of Blue Meeting On 18.10.06

For those who are not aware Points of Blue is a Supporters meeting, held at the club every few months, where Supporters can air their views from the standard of catering at the ground to the price of ticketing.

The meeting was held in one of the fine corporate boxes over looking the centre circle in the Colin Bell Stand and the club, very generously, laid on tea and coffee (but forgot the biscuits – my missus must have rang in advance and informed them of my diet!).

The turn out wasn’t large, with only 9 people in attendance, but the people who did turn up seemed to have the supporter’s interests at heart and they made me feel very welcome (although I already knew a few of them from various away grounds).

The agenda is mostly raised by fans emailing in queries which they would like addressed to the club and the things that were talked about were:

- Catering in the Ground,
- Ticket Pricing,
- The numerous away shirts we seem to have,
- Club advertising,
- A very funny debate on City being a Gay friendly club.

The last item on the agenda was the formation of the Trust, about which I said a few words. I outlined the theory of a trust, how it can bring a voice to the fans, and made them aware that a large amount of shares in the club are held by ordinary fans that have no representation on the board. I told them we had been in touch with the club and that things were progressing nicely and that hopefully we could announce more soon. Everyone at the meeting was in favour of the Trust and they will raise this issue with the club to find out their stance on it.

A few of the supporters who attended the meeting on Wednesday will be meeting with Alistair Mackintosh shortly to put forward the issues raised and then the minutes of this meeting will be published in the fans section of the clubs official website –

Any fan who has an issue that they would like addressing at the next meeting should email Points of Blue at the following address – or I would be happy to raise the issue for them at the next meeting if they would prefer to use –

Keep the Faith

Colin Howell


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