Sunday, October 15, 2006

COMS To Be Given A Name

I've just come back from my trip to London where I attended the Supporters Direct conference on Friday before flying up to Manchester for the weekend to take in the Sheffield game. The less said about the game the better!

Anyway, you may have heard this already so please excuse me if you have. I heard from two separate reliable sources that the naming rights to the stadium had been sold for £3m a year to an old sponsor with the contract signed recently. How correct that is, only time will tell it could after all be total rumour. If true though then at least that would see a few more pennies into the club's coffers.

I understand that Arsenal sold their naming rights for £100m over a fifteen year period which would average out at £6.66m a year. I understand that the record deal for a European stadium before Arsenal's was £2.5m a year, so if we have managed to get £3m a year then it would seem a good deal.

This article is nothing to do with the trust group but I thought it was interesting enough to publish. There will be articles from the conference, the up and coming Points of Blue meeting and hopefully a little positive announcement to make over the course of this week.


At 9:51 pm, Anonymous Wigan Blue said...

Why can't they just name the concourse around the ground "Maine Road" Then we can all go home!


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