Monday, October 09, 2006

Serious Interest From Russia

You may recall that three years ago Alistair Mackintosh was tasked with finding and bringing in new investment into City and since then we've not heard or seen anything. Well it is with great pleasure that I can announce that we have been successful in receiving some serious interest from an individual based in Moscow and that we are currently considering his business proposition.

Before you go into overdrive I have to come clean and admit I haven't quite told you the full story so I better tell you the truth. In amongst our e-mail post bag and after throwing out the Nigerian scamsters telling us we've got a claim to US$10m and the other scamsters asking us to confirm our HSBC bank account details, we received an e-mail from Pavel who says "sorry for disturbing but if you really live in Guernsey you may give me a little help the matter is i collect postcards sent from all over the world, you can see my collection here but i still don't have one from your country so if you could be that kind to send me a postcard with a local view please let me know". Pavel I really do live in Guernsey and I'll send you a postcard to add to your mightly collection. If there's anybody else out there who likes postcards take a look at Pavel's collection.


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