Sunday, October 01, 2006

October Is An Important Month (Read Why Here)

October is an important month for us and I'll explain why. Firstly, we expect to hear from the Board of the Club as to whether they are willing to open dialogue with us and ultimately back our proposals. As I've already mentioned we do not need their agreement but would like to receive their endorsement or support.

Why else is October important? Well, we will also be meeting with our Supporters Direct representative (hopefully next week) to discuss the next step forward. It will take a lot of planning and time to get the trust up and running, with Supporters Direct's help I am sure it will become reality. How soon will it get formed? We can't be sure at the moment and will of course continue to keep you updated on all progress.

Another reason why October is important? Supporters Direct have their annual conference in London on Friday 13 October which I will be attending. It will be great to hear the presentations, attend the lectures and meet like minded individuals to discuss their circumstances and experiences. I will post a report of my attendance at this conference on here a few days after attending.

Is there any other reason why October is important? Yes there is! Manchester City Football Club Plc will be releasing their Final year end accounts to 31 May 2006 by the end of the month. This will no doubt make very interesting reading for many reasons and I'm sure our very own Colin Savage will have his views which we'll post on here.


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