Sunday, October 01, 2006

Supporters Trusts At Other Premiership Clubs

I have taken some time to study other Supporters Trusts at other Premiership Clubs. I must be the first to admit that I have not spent hours and hours comparing them but thought that I would set out (on a no names basis) my brief findings.

There appear to be eight trusts in operation although a few of them appear to be inactive (if their websites are anything to go by). The majority of the trusts charge a membership fee of £10 per annum and the most expensive was a London club at £24 per annum.

The size and make up of the boards differ from club to club as do their aims but they do all seem set on the same few principles being to encourage the direct and indirect participation of the supporters in the club, encourage communication between the board and the supporters/ shareholders and help to promote the club as a civic/ community institution. Some trusts are extremely active in a few areas but not many appear to be active in all, I would hope and expect that a MCFC Supporters Trust would be extremely active in all areas!

If you haven’t read our mission statement first published on 25 September 2006 please take the time to do so. When we are in a position to move this forward and present our proposals I would expect our aims to closely reflect that statement. Of course, we are still at the planning and research stage and whilst we’re going through that we will continue to welcome your input and questions to

Whatever happens I am sure that a MCFC Supporters Trust can make play a major and positive part in the future of our great club and sincerely hope it will become an example to others.


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