Sunday, October 22, 2006

How Do I Buy Shares In Manchester City Plc?

Manchester City Plc is quoted on Plus (previously known as OFEX). Plus is the third UK stockmarket coming after the London Stock Exchange and AIM. It can be a little harder to purchase shares on Plus with some banks/ brokers unable to provide the service at all and when they can the cost can be prohibitive and the minimum number of shares they stipulate must be bought prove costly.

We have managed to find a stockbroker based in Bury who would be happy to open accounts for City fans to purchase shares in City. Their name is James Sharp & Co and their website is The contact names there are Ian Bolton and Martin Entwistle (who is away from the office this week) and their telephone number is 0161 764 4043. Before you call please note that you you will have to complete their account opening documentation and adhere to their client registration and money laundering regulations. By the way, this criteria would be the same for any bank or broker that you would open an account with.

James Sharp & Co have confirmed that once the account is opened they will acquire any amount of City shares you want and their minimum charge for this is £22.

During our research I did come across two online stockbrokers cheaper than James Sharp & Co who claimed to deal in Plus shares but what their level of service would be or their experience of dealing in City shares is I could not find out. If you want details of these two brokers please e-mail me on

Finally, a fellow supporter contacted me to inform me of a company called Framed Share (thank you Richard). Framed Share can arrange for one share in City to be purchased and then the share certificate framed. You or the person you have bought this for would be a shareholder with the full rights that come with this. Framed Share charges £34.95 for this service and the link to the City share purchase info is

PLEASE NOTE that we do not receive any commission or inducements with reference to the information provided, we have simply tried to find a cost effective way for City supporters to become shareholders in City. If you would like to acquire shares in City, I suggest that your bank or existing stockbroker should be your first port of call.


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