Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Independent Analysis Of Manchester City Plc

Everyone from the board to the supporters to the shareholders to other interested parties have an opinion on the state of Manchester City Plc's finances.

Some think the finances of the club are under control and some think that the club is in the vicious grip of a downward spiral where only continued player sales and cost reductions can keep the club treading water. Those views are only two of the many, whatever your views may be I think you will all agree that if you are a supporter and/ or a shareholder of the club it is hard not to let emotions cloud your judgement.

During some recent research I came across who amongst many things provides news and analysis of the off-exchange marketplace including OFEX (now Market Plus) where City's shares are traded. have recently published their analysis/ research on Manchester City Plc.

Whatever your viewpoint is, it is always good to read an impartial independent view. Please take some time to read their full report which can be accessed here

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At 9:02 pm, Blogger glenowen said...

Those debts look frightening - £89.2m long-term and £38.6m short-term! The accompanying narrative states that "external debt" went down by £5m or so to £32.2m - presumably that is non-directors loans, but how does that reconcile with those total creditors figures?

It is impossible to tell from these bare-bones. Does anyone have access to the full accounts which might reveal the breakdown of those massive "creditors" figures?


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