Sunday, December 03, 2006

Buy City Shares Online

Most Supporters Trusts aim to promote and facilitate direct and indirect supporter ownership of their club either directly or indirectly via the trust. We believe in this too and have tried to help a few supporters over the last month or two who wanted to become shareholders in Manchester City Plc.

As you may know Manchester City Plc is quoted on Plus Markets (previously known as OFEX). Plus Markets is the third UK stockmarket coming after the London Stock Exchange and AIM. It can be a little harder to purchase shares on Plus Markets with some banks/ brokers unable to provide the service at all and when they can the cost can be prohibitive and the minimum number of shares they stipulate must be bought prove costly.

On 22 October 2006 we published an article about buying shares in Manchester City Plc. Since then many readers have tried buying shares with varying degrees of success. At the time we ran the article we didn't recommend any online brokers but did pass on information (on a few) to a few readers who contacted us.

Last week one of the subscribers to our mailing list/ reader of this blog became a shareholder in Manchester City Plc using the Share Centre whose website can be found here It proved an easy and cost effective process during which time it was confirmed that there were no set minimum amount of shares that could be bought.

For those of you who are still trying to find a cost effective way to become a shareholder in Manchester City Plc this may be one for you to try.

PLEASE NOTE that we do not receive any commission or inducements with reference to the information provided, we have simply tried to find a cost effective way for City supporters to become shareholders in City. If you would like to acquire shares in City, we suggest that your bank or existing stockbroker should be your first port of call.


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