Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Supporters' Trust Has Future Whatever Happens

A number of supporters have asked us if the Manchester City Supporters' Trust will continue in the event of a takeover. Our answer is that chairmen, directors, managers and players come and go but the supporters will always be there. Therefore, the Manchester City Supporters’ Trust will continue no matter what may or may not happen.

Five of our fellow clubs in the Deloitte “Rich List” are supporter owned and another five have supporters’ trusts. So nothing has changed and we are still working towards establishing a successful supporters’ trust at Manchester City.

Keep watching this space for further news.


At 10:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why do you think your so special. Im a supporter you do not represent me, all you seem to be is somebody after a bit of limelight. You in no way take the club forward. So do us all a favour and stop trying to make out you are our voice

At 10:58 pm, Anonymous Jimmy, Middleton Blue said...

Anonymous, I've never once seen the trust (I believe it is a legal entity not a somebody) claim to represent anyone but I do see that the trust wants to represent shareholders and supporters that join the trust (a bit trade union ish which I'm not keen on!). If you don't like the idea and don't want to join why is the trust grating you? Walk away. One final thing, can you tell me what one established supporters group that is not in cahoots with the club is trying to give the fans a voice? I'd like to know and might join.

At 11:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

erm.. supporters trust.... I think that might indicate they try to represent the supporters... just a thought

At 11:30 pm, Blogger St Petersburg Blue said...

No doubt the Supporters' Trust will still exist whatever the outcome of any prospective takeover. The key issues are the same as now: how representative is the Trust, and what power and influence can the Trust expect to have within the new structure. I would be inclined to open negotiations with Mr Thaksin's representatives as a matter of urgency or the Trust might become neither use nor ornament.

At 12:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"somebody after a bit of limelight". A couple of my pals in the pub thought that those lads were nothing but self-publicists but when we talked about them, we could only name two of them and remembered they had been on GMR & MEN and apart from that not much else. If they are self-publicists they are doing a really poor job of it, they could do with a PR firm to help them!...really I don't know anything about them!

At 4:28 am, Anonymous Jinky said...

anonymous, you are anonymous and with that kind of attitude you will always be anonymous. It is very easy to sit and do nothing and complain over your pint. It is for that very reason that we need a trust. Leave the building, keep bagging people trying to make a difference and continue to remain anonymous in the future. Please.

At 8:21 am, Anonymous Rob Matthews said...

Anonymous, I don't think that these guys gain anything except a shit load of work and a bagging off people with nothing better to do.
If you have ever been to an AGM of any company it is incredibly difficult to be heard when speaking as a lone individual. You should think of the trust as a union my friend i.e using our combined vote and voice as one almighty block vote/voice.
The Trust is doing us a favour and when you hangover clears you would do well to realise that.
Keep the faith Anonymous. I will.

At 8:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is now more important than ever for the club to have an established supporters trust, it's possible that sometime soon Manchester City will owned by people who aren't lifetime supporters, who weren't born in Manchester (or even England) and a voice of the fans could be vital to the club's future.

Ross, Oldham

At 4:06 pm, Anonymous Eddie, Longsight said...


It's called the Manchester City Supporters' Trust" because the one thing the members have in common is they are fans of Manchester City. Not rocket science really. They claim to represent their members - no one else - so why not calm down a little?

At 9:41 pm, Anonymous Norb said...

A slightly silly question, if there is a takeover, and as in the case of united, the company is taken private, and therefore AGMs no longer taking place? what rôle will the supporter's trust have, over and above that of PoB?


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