Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Passing Being A Blue Down The Line

I was born a blue, brought up as a blue and never wanted to be anything else.

At primary school I was surrounded by Arsenal, Liverpool and United supporters but even under much peer pressure never once felt like swapping sides. I was proud of my Manchester heritage and immensly proud to be a blue. Every time I had a chance to stand up and say I supported City I would do. It didn't matter if my football allegiance was laughed at or ridiculed, I knew I was a blue and would be for the rest of my life.

Every time I played football in the playground or for the school team in my mind I was Peter Barnes skipping down the wing, getting the crosses in and scoring the odd goal. It was great being a blue.

My oldest daughter is two and a half and I have already passed on to her what was passed on to me. She has her own City kit and wants to wear the shirt far too much for her mum's liking. For the last six months or so she will shout "CITY" loudly to anyone who asks her who she supports. Despite an element of pressure from her Hammer supporting mum and her Spurs supporting grandad she hasn't wavered. My youngest daughter is six months old and I'm waiting for the time to introduce her to City!

Simon Hattenstone writes in the Guardian today about his daughter who he has passed on his support for the blues to, have a read here



At 10:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10:33 pm, Anonymous Jimmy, Stockport said...

I too have inflicted supporting City on my children, I hope they forgive me for it in the end!

At 10:57 pm, Anonymous neil blinston said...

I am spreading the "faith" here in San Antonio, Texas. I have 2 Blue converts ( Americans ) and another 2 in my American wife and her 10 year old Son... it has to be done, its my duty as a City fan.

At 11:11 pm, Anonymous City Kazza said...

It`s when your children become men and still haven`t seen success that you feel guilty inflicting City on them!
My lads are all mad blues like me (even though their dad`s a red )and they are now inflicting City on their children.
We`ve followed them through thick and thin and even the Rotherham away game was more exciting than what we`ve had to endure these last few weeks!
The only recent buzz I have got from attending the home games was seing all the blue and white scarves raised watching all the diehards singing Blue Moon at the Derby.Those scarves were the best buy the club have had all season !

At 6:39 pm, Blogger brian prendergast said...

may grandad was a city supporter,my dad is a city supporter,i am a city supporter and so is my son and most proberly his children will be as well..from some of the very early years of manchester city our family have supported them up to present day and will do in future generations .. this is what you call great support for a football club...or does our family have a genetic disorder ???? city till i die.


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