Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Supporters Trust Sends Ten Questions To The Board Of Manchester City Plc

Following this week's takeover speculation and announcements, we believe that our Club have a duty to inform the shareholders and supporters of Manchester City Plc/ Football Club what is happening.

We have therefore submitted ten questions to the Manchester City Plc Board and look forward to their responses:-

1 When are the board of Manchester City, rather than the manager, going to tell their shareholders what is going on?

2 The board declared they were in talks that may lead to a potential offer back in December. Are any of the parties referred to in that statement still actively talking to the club? If not, will the club give us a timeline showing who they have been talking to and when, in order to justify the claim that we have been in a takeover period since then?

3 Why will you not let the shareholders of Manchester City hear the details of Ray Ranson's offer, when the Manchester United board told their shareholders about the Glazer offer even though they weren't in favour of it?

4 What governance processes are in place to ensure that John Wardle & David Makin are not putting their interests before the interests of the other 70% of Manchester City shareholders?

5 Will the board tell the shareholders what they believe represents a fair offer for the clubs' shares?

6 Is the US consortium proposing a full offer or just an offer for John Wardle & David Makin's shares? If the latter, can the board still justifiably claim to be in a takeover period?

7 There are persistent rumours from well-informed sources that the Chief Executive is involved with the US consortium. Can he categorically deny this?

8 Why are senior players saying the club has no plan and no ambition and were these players given club permission to make these statements?

9 We understand that the club did not discourage the media from linking them with a rumoured bid from Thaksin Shinawatra. Has there been any contact between representatives of Manchester City and Mr Shinawatra?

10 Can the board tell the shareholders what timescale they are prepared to put on the takeover period, given that the continued uncertainty must be damaging to preparations for next season?


At 8:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's all fine in theory guys but there hasn't been a formal offer yet.

At 8:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm guesing what the response will be, but I suspect it will involve tumble weed. Why would the board decide to tell the rest of the shareholders, let alone the rest of the fans, what they are doing to sell OUR club to the highest bidder? I'm sure the board have the club's best interests at heart, as they could probably have sold up to any old bidder by now if they just wanted the loans repaying, but they must appreciate that the uncertainty, combined with the poor performance over the last couple of seasons is the main reason for the reduced season ticket sales and general annoyance of the fans.


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