Sunday, April 22, 2007

Joey Barton And Supporters Trust Ask What Is The Plan?

For those of you who attended our Open Meeting back in March you would know that one of our areas of concern is the apparent lack of a long term plan at our Club. If there is such a plan in place, it has not been communicated to the shareholders or the supporters.

Following comments by Joey Barton yesterday it would appear that this is also an area of concern for the players. Barton said “There has to be a plan. Everyone seems to have one in place but at the moment it just feels like this club is praying to get the right players in the summer.” Barton also followed this up by commenting to “There has got to be a plan for two, three, four years down the line, maybe even ten. Everyone seems to have that in place, the likes of Arsenal and Man United. It’s no coincidence that we are underachieving at the moment because things are not geared towards us succeeding.”

Following our Open Meeting in March, we expanded on our concerns on 1 April 2007 in an article entitled “What Is Our Club’s Long Term Plan?”. Other Clubs are putting plans in place and communicating them to their shareholders and supporters, our Club should be no different. You can read our full article on the important topic here.

The Manchester City Supporters Trust has no intention of involving itself with "on the field" issues but does have a big concern about certain “off the field” areas of our Club. We want all shareholders and supporters to know our Club’s long term plan and if new investors are being lined up, isn’t it time the shareholders and supporters knew them too?


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