Monday, May 07, 2007

New Kit/ Supplier Unveiled Next Week

Next week, on 14 May 2007, our Club will be unveiling the new kit supplier and the 2007/08 home kit. Supporters will also have the chance to pre-order the new kit at "special supporter prices".

As previously reported, some time ago JJB Sports confirmed that the new kit supplier will be Le Coq Sportif. We look forward, like the majority of supporters, to seeing the new kit and the accompanying range of leisurewear.


At 7:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We look forward to it?
If LeCoqs other dross they produced is anything to go by i dont look forward to it.
What was wrong with Reebok? they produced the best kits we had for years! despite churning them out at a rate of more than 2 per season.
Once again, congratulations to the Manchester City board on another decision thats taken no notice of the view of the fans

At 8:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Le Coq are garbage at making kits, but then so are Reebok. It's been ages since we had a half-decent kit - adidas would've been nice.

At 8:57 pm, Anonymous Josh Timmons said...

Oh No. Remember them woeful kits Le Coq supplied a few years back? Then again, as long as they change the shorts back to white il be happy. After the derby on saturday a small group assembled outside the main entrance to the ground chanting "sack the board" and "your not fit to wear the shirt" and I have to admit their attitude to the club and their efforts to improve the club are in no way working. They don't realise how many more people would buy a adidas/nike kit rather than cheap and nasty tat. So, heres to a relegation battle next season in a horrible excuse for a kit. "Sack the board", before we end up going down and being placed further into debt.

At 9:16 pm, Blogger St Petersburg Blue said...

I hope the new kit is better than the last effort from LCS. It was bobbins. I wouldn't be seen dead (or alive) in one. And while I am here can we have a red and black striped away shirt please.

At 8:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not going to buy any LCS stuff. its rubbish! Did anyone see the proposed addidas kit posted on this board a few weeks ago? Those kits would have been the best weve EVER had and i'm sure the choice to buy addidas leisure wear bearing the city badge would have made the club a fortune!

At 12:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the board took fans' views into account when choosing a supplier, but as all suppliers would be tendering for the commission, money talks. However, it would surely have been possible for the club to have asked fans opinions on shirt designs? Even without naming the new supplier, they could have asked about white on the sleeves, colour of blue, colour of the away shirt etc. This would make the fans feel involved in the club, without giving away any real power. It could have been win-win. No suprise that they chose to just give us womething then. After all they know best. If they didn't, they wouldn't be selling unprecedented numbers of season tickets! Anyone know how many they've sold, just out of interest?


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