Friday, May 25, 2007

City Pull Plug On Inside MCFC

It was very disappointing to find out this week that Manchester City Football Club had decided not to continue with Channel M’s Inside MCFC TV programme. We understand that whilst Channel M were very keen to continue the weekly show and covering all costs associated with its production, our Club decided to pull the plug after one season.

Inside MCFC provided a great mix of interviews with the manager, coaches, players and former players, previews and reviews of first team matches, highlights of reserve matches and much much more. For those supporters that didn’t see the programmes first time around there was and still is the ability to download episodes to watch again via their website

Our Club is not awash with cash for expensive ventures and it is a real shame that Inside MCFC has finished. The programme played its part in providing our Club with increased TV exposure and accessibility to its supporters wherever they are based in the world. Next time you want to watch a reserve match again or catch an interview with a former player on the TV, you might think back to when we had Inside MCFC.

David Johnson, General Manager of Channel M spoke to the Manchester City Supporters Trust "'Inside MCFC was a flagship show for Channel M and understandably the production team are disappointed not to be involved with a second series. However, Channel M and City are parting very amicably so we will still be featuring all the main Man City stories on the live news and breakfast shows. Manchester City will also have a large slice of airtime in our new football documentary programme - The History of Football in Manchester, available towards the end of June on Channel M and".


At 7:57 pm, Blogger St Petersburg Blue said...

I won't miss it. For me it was pile of crap. A typical MCFC corporate communications exercise, lacking any objectivity whatsoever.

At 8:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was good. Obviously it couldn't show too much in the way of Prem highlights due to Sky's vice-like grip around the Prem's throat. However, it was great to see the reserve and youth game highlights as it was an opportunity to see some of the up and coming talent.

At 11:33 pm, Blogger The Kara Sea said...

Fairly obvious why the Club don't want to continue with it... it's so much of a shambles they'd probably be embarrassed to reveal any of its inner workings on TV. This is a sad move and goes to show just how bad things are inside the club at the moment.

At 1:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a pity but typical of the existing boards negative attitude to what was City friendly and free publicity.
I enjoyed the programme especially the reserve and youth highlights.
Perhaps a more energetic and forward thinking regime will realise the loss.

At 4:28 am, Anonymous ForeverBlue said...

No surprise really, City have always been rubbish at promoting themselves
as well as incompetent at business so why would they want to continue with
a programme that the fans appreciated.
A few years ago, when SKY first bought their 9% I wrote to the club asking if this was a prelude to City having their own channel the response was along the lines of " We are exploring all options." No surprise then that City aren't even capable of allowing a programme like inside MCFC to continue even though it would cost the club nothing.
Well done hte board for being consistent in treating City fans like rubbish.

At 4:33 am, Anonymous ForeverBlue said...

Apologies for the double post but I would like to ask St Petersburg Blue
for an exampleof a club TV station that is objective ? Chelsea TV perhaps or mutv for example. It's a ludicrous statement to make, of course
a program about and sanctioned by the club is going to show the club in a good light, what else would you expect ? Surely you are not naive
enough to think they would show the club warts and all ?
That is not reality mate.

At 9:38 am, Blogger St Petersburg Blue said...

forever blue - precisely, as you say, the programme had as much value as a match programme. badly produced and directed. what's the point, unless the viewer is a child. crap. good riddance.

At 9:59 am, Anonymous Steve, Droylsden. said...

Have to agree with those who thought the show was bobbins. I too thought it was badly produced, directed and narrated (if narrated is the right word to use).

I actually found it a little embarrassing to watch...

At 3:35 pm, Blogger Channel M said...

Thanks for the article guys.

As mentioned, the tone of Inside MCFC was always going to be balanced in favour of the club, otherwise access to the players and events would never have happened. However, to dismiss the programme as a coporate communications exercise is a harsh & unfair critism.

The show did have a touch of the 'match day magazine' to it, but with a little bit of 'fanzine' thrown in. We provided a platform for supporters to broadcast their uncensored views with video diaries provided from the trips to Reading, Liverpool, Arsenal & Sheffield Wednesday. Our cameras were there to capture the angry scenes at Ewood Park following the FA Cup defeat. It was impossible to put a positive spin on some of the performances this season - we didn't try to and neither did the hundreds of fans we interviewed.

Inside MCFC wasn't perfect - but it certainly wasn't a badly produced series. Only 2 people worked on a show that provided 43 weekly episodes. What is there to dislike about Pre-season, Premiership archive & reserve team highlights, 1st team interviews and features, coaching staff & tactical features, celebrity supporters, fans issues, Man City social & lifestyle, Shaun Goater, Ian Brightwell, Neil Pointon, Mike Summerbee, Bert Trautmann, Kenny Clements, Andy Hinchcliffe, Peter Barnes, Colin Bell.....?

At 9:57 pm, Anonymous JRinBelfast said...

I am going to miss Inside MCFC. I thought it was a great insight into behind the scenes,and featured the fans and footage from the up and coming talent in our youth ranks - one of the few positives for a grim season. We are lucky if we get more than 3 minutes on a Saturday night... at least this was 30 minutes of City coverage...what is there not to like??


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