Friday, March 02, 2007

North West Ticket Prices Are Coming Down

Some time ago now Blackburn Rovers' Chairman, John Williams, promised to use part of next season's increased TV income to bring down ticket prices. Today he has been as good as his word when announcing significant ticket price cuts right across the board.

Williams commented ""We believe that the best way to enjoy Premiership football is watching it live in the stadium. We hope these prices will not only retain existing supporters but also attract those who have not been for some time through the turnstiles next season to offer the team even greater vocal backing."

Williams also added "In setting this price structure we have recognised the concerns of supporters who feel that the cost of watching live football has become too expensive. We have addressed this issue and at the same time made sure we remain competitive on the pitch. Fans want to see the best players in action at Ewood Park and for the club to continue to be a force in the Premiership. We will continue to look at different ways to add extra value for season ticket holders as they are the lifeblood of the club."

Mark Hughes also commented on the initiative "The players all want to play in front of full stadiums and it makes a huge difference to them. The supporters really can act as the 12th man and lift the players. I've been lucky enough to play in front of packed stadiums across Europe and I know the positive effect it can have, so it would be great to see Ewood packed every week next season."

Under Blackburn Rovers' new pricing scheme, 5,500 season tickets will be available at £249, while the average for the Blackburn End will fall by 30% from £425 to £299. Blackburn Rovers' most expensive ticket will come down from £595 to £399.

Blackburn Rovers' initiative follows in the footsteps of Everton's announcement this week that 10% season ticket price reductions will be applied if bought before 28 April 2007. Everton confirmed that tickets renewed or bought after that date would remain frozen at 2006/07 prices.

This week has also seen Tony Blair come out in support of reduced ticket prices, gaining much press coverage/ support for the various lower ticket price campaigns currently being run by MEN, the Sun and FSF.


At 9:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blackburn, Everton, Bolton, Wigan. Anyone missing from that list of NW clubs outside the big 4?


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