Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Prominent Supporter's Message Of Support

Many of you will know or heard of Heidi Pickup the editor of MCIVTA. She is also the Chair of her Supporters Club branch. It was great to receive her message of support earlier today:-

"For some time now talking to any number of fans, be it in the pub, at supporters groups or via the web, what we have in common is an increasing disillusionment with the way City are going. Whilst as City fans we’re used to the trials and tribulations on the pitch, the one thing we always had was a sense of identity, community and belonging to “our” club.

Over the last few seasons this is no longer the case, we are no longer supporters but “customers”. This lack of identity may work if you’re a big 4 club, but as City supporters we are not so naïve as to expect top of the table finishes, European football and billionaire owners. Far from it. At the moment the club appears to have no direction and the financial results paint an ever gloomier picture with us continuing to lose money hand over fist. Whilst some areas of the club are well run (and we’re all proud to have probably the best Academy in the country) the focus at times appears to be on corporate hospitality and concerts – City are a football club, football clubs need supporters, they need finance and they need relative success.

Many individual supporters are also shareholders in the club, yet have no say in what is happening. The recently acclaimed advertising campaign “This is OUR City” needs to be applied. The formation of a Supporters Trust should help to address this and work for the benefit of OUR great club.

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At 12:34 am, Blogger Andrew Harnwell said...

I agree the Board deserves a fight and have covered how I feel about it in my own blog. It is written from the point of view of an outsider, although I was a season ticket holder at Maine Rd and for one season at Eastlands.


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