Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blue Is The Colour - Keep Spreading The Word

If you didn't already know of Bluewatch MCFC maybe you should take a look. Bluewatch is run by a group of dedicated City fans whose main aim is to improve the atmosphere and matchday experience. They have come up with many ideas and are in the process of meeting with our Club to look at ways to meet their aims/ work together.

About ten days ago, they come up with an idea for the FA Cup Quarter Final against Blackburn which we were happy to publicise on here at the time. If you are going, please consider giving this your support. Simon Cooper of Bluewatch letter to the Club sums it up:-

"So we now know the Draw. Blackburn.

Please could you help us as a club, by announcing that the club is backing the fans campaign (Blue Is The Colour Brother) for everyone to wear blue as much as possible in their clothing for the game.

King of the Kippax, City Til I Cry, Prestwich and Whitefield are all on board and we would appreciate if the club could back us with press coverage. Even if you could produce a leaflet to be given out with every ticket, acting as an invite to the biggest all blue party on earth.

The theme will be the "Blue is the Colour Brothers" We are asking everyone to wear as much Sky Blue in their clothing as possible to show the boys our support. If this consists of Fancy Dress or even normal clothing....i.e. BLUE SHIRT, BLUE PANTS, BLUE HAT, BLUE FACE PAINT, BLUE SOCKS, BLUE WIGS, UNDERPANTS....Blue Everything, oh and loadsa blue and white balloons that we will hand out for free.

It will be so easy for every city fan attending to take part in. We are also encouraging everyone to take as many scarfs as possible and flags (if given the ok from Blackburn Rovers F.C.)

Sara please could you ask Peter Fletcher if he could ask Blackburns safety officer would City fans be allowed in the ground with flags?

We know this would create a fantastic atmosphere and give the team a magnificent boost when they come out. It would be a bit like what the Holland fans do in internatonal games.

This would be a massive step by both club and fans to work together on improving the atmosphere and could snowball.

MARCH THE 11th 2007

Yours Sincerley
Bluewatch, King of the Kippax, City Til I Cry, Prestwich and Whitefield"

The MCFC Supporters Trust will be formed to pull shareholders and supporters together to play a positive part in the future of our Club. We support individuals and groups who share those ideals. Please take a look at Bluewatch MCFC's website here There is also a link to their website on the right hand side of this blog.


At 6:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

erm...the game is on the 11th - NOT the 10th...

At 6:39 pm, Blogger Ollie said...

I'll amend the statement and let Simon Cooper know!

At 6:48 pm, Anonymous Dodge said...

The East Midlands CSA will be suitably dressed in blue.

Keep up the good work brothers..


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