Sunday, March 25, 2007

Juventus Looking For Premiership Partnership

According to reports, Juventus are looking to form a strategic partnership with a Premiership club not only as a way of farming out their young talent to other teams for experience but also as a way of developing commercial interests.

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog or attended the Public Open Meeting will know that we feel that our Club should be developing strategic partnerships with non-UK football clubs.

There is much more to football club partnerships then exchanging ideas, exchanging players and hopefully picking up a talented player or two. There can be huge advantages from a commercial aspect to be gained by developing brands, attracting wider support and additional sponsorship etc. There is also much to be gained from the communities and wider areas in which the Clubs concerned are located/ serve. These additional areas are often overlooked but could be just as important to a Club like ours going forward.

Going back to Juventus, it would appear that they have been in talks with Bolton Wanderers, Middlesbrough and Portsmouth however, they apparently favour linking up with Bolton. As reported in previous articles Bolton have been working hard on this area over the last few years and currently have strategic partnerships in Spain, China, South Africa and Iceland. They have also targeted India, the United States, Norway, Egypt and France as other areas in which to develop partnerships.

Five years ago, Bolton were closing to agreeing a link up with Juventus, perhaps this time they will finalise the deal. Any such deal would have an enormous beneficial impact on both Clubs but perhaps Bolton would have more to gain?

Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Bolton Wanderers, Sheffield United and Tottenham Hotspur have strategic partnerships with non-UK football clubs, our Club does not have one (as far as we know). Such an important issue is not about "keeping up with Jones's" it is about taking progressive forward thinking decisions to develop our Club today and beyond.

As mentioned in previous articles, when the trust is formed and raises funds perhaps the trust could finance or part-finance the development of these types of strategic partnerships which would be beneficial to our Club in so many positive ways and on so many levels.

Read our last article on developing strategic partnerships here


At 4:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago City signed a 15 year old kid from local club Fjellhamar just outside Oslo Norway. The local press wrote a lot about it, and one of the articles stated that City were in talks with Fjellhamar about a "strategic partnership" and a delegation from Fjellhamar were invited to Manchester. Get your facts straight b 4 claiming that we are missing out..

At 4:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what happens to our youngsters if it goes ahead

At 4:55 pm, Blogger Ollie said...

Anonymous, there has been nothing in the UK press re Fjellhamar entering into a strategic partnership with City nor about talks or indeed a delegation meeting City officials, that is why we said "our Club does not have one (as far as we know)".

At 5:05 pm, Blogger Ollie said...

Anonymous, the manager has commented for some time that the squad is short of numbers and of course our Club's financial woes are well known. If a takeover does not come to fruition perhaps taking a player or two on loan might be the best option rather than risking money that is not available. As mentioned there is much much more to strategic partnerships then access to players. Perhaps someone like Sturridge who needs games might get the opportunity to go on loan to another team in Europe to get experience, I am sure he would come back a better player for it.


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