Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Professional Training For Directors Of Football Clubs

In all walks of life individuals can continue their training whether it be for their own personal development or for job progression or something else. The same applies to company directors and indeed directors/ executives of football clubs.

You wouldn't probably know that the Institute Of Directors ("IoD") is currently running "The IoD Football Direction Programme" which is aimed at directors of football clubs but you might find interesting the areas that the programme covers (this is taken directly from IoD's website):-

"Development of the team is vital both on and off the pitch…

To be the best in the ever-changing competitive global football industry, you need to be fully aware of your duties, responsibilities and potential liabilities. You also need to be prepared to lead at all times.

Just like players and managers, even the best-informed directors need to continually review and improve their own performance as well as that of their team. No matter how well prepared you are initially for your position on the board, investing in personal and professional development is now essential for your future success.

You appreciate the specific issues affecting the global football industry, but do you fully understand what is expected of you in your role as a director? Are you confident that you understand the full impact of corporate governance and how it affects your role? This is where The IoD Football Direction Programme comes in.

Continuous individual development is essential

The IoD Football Direction Programme has been created to help those responsible for the future of the game to fully understand their role and responsibilities, whether in the capacity of running a club or working for an association. The programme aims to help you continue to develop your personal business skills and to ensure that you are fully contributing to the challenge of creating competitive advantage for your organisation.

This programme of development will ensure that you:

- Achieve competitive advantage as the board and as a team
- Have goals in mind for you and the organisation
- Develop personal and business skills
- Are fully aware of your role and responsibilities to stakeholders ranging from fans to shareholders
- Take part in a programme of development that will put you at the top of your league

Here's how.

Achieving competitive advantage as a team

Boards need to operate at full strength and to lead. Reviewing and challenging the way the board operates is an essential component in sustaining growth and improvement. Yet performing under intense scrutiny, coupled with the pressure to succeed, can make it difficult for boards to stand back and look objectively at their performance.

To achieve success and profitability, the board needs to work as a balanced team that takes collective responsibility for key decisions.

Keeping ahead of the game

There is constant pressure on you as a director to stay ahead and The IoD Football Direction Programme will keep you at the forefront of Football Direction policy and practice. This programme comprises a world-leading portfolio of courses developed by directors for directors.

Working with industry experts, we have taken our far reaching knowledge and experience and tailored it for the football industry to create another world leading programme of training and development.

Designed to fit your needs

The topics covered under the The IoD Football Direction Programme are ones are that will be relevant to you and your organisation.

Over a total of five days the programme will investigate issues surrounding:

- The Effective Director
- Finance
- Strategy and Marketing
- Leadership and change

We understand that each part of the football industry deals with different issues and has their own responsibilities, therefore, we will ensure that your programme is tailored to your own particular circumstances.

Once you have been through the programme, you may even consider taking the next logical step which is to study for the IoD's Certificate in Company Direction, a qualification that will demonstrate your professionalism as a senior player."


At 8:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice spot Ollie. I'm sure all City's directors will be queuing up for this course.

At 9:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well clearly our bored haven't signed up!


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