Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What Happens In A Modern Day Back-Room?

Way back on 21 December 2006 I commented that "Bolton Wanderers are a club that has overtaken us on the pitch in terms of results in recent years but they still do not have the level of finances or fantastic support that we have. Seeing a club of their ilk usurp us in some ways is upsetting but can we learn from them? After all they must be getting something right!

Most supporters would argue that we do not want to see our Club play in the style of Bolton and I agree but Sam Allardyce does have an irritating knack of getting the most out of players (even the journeymen) and getting results (albeit in a mainly unattractive style). Many football professionals acknowledge that whilst Bolton do not have adequate resources to compete at the higher end of the transfer market they have invested heavily behind the scenes.

Sam Allardyce not only has sophisticated technology at his disposal but also has a plethora of professionals with wide ranging skillsets available to his squad. Of course all of this costs money at the end of the day, money which might not be available to our Club at this present time (if indeed the board and Stuart Pearce deemed that such expenditure is warranted)."

Last weekend the Guardian ran an article on Bolton's modern and forward thinking back-room and whilst it has nothing to do with City (unless you believe the "Big Sam" rumours) I still found it to be a good insightful read. You can read the article in full here

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At 7:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

spot on ,although I would not like to see "Big Sam" managing City the major overhaul made at Bolton
should be admired.I can only hope that the board(present/future)will see the light soon and invest behind the scenes.For example it all very well having a video room/match and player analysis if you do not have some one to sort things out.
Its not so much major investments,but if you have signed a player from abroad perhaps he needs abit more assistance in settling in.Something is woefully wrong(bitterness apart)when players like Watterus/Anelka and Sierbski and Corradi's agent speak out about lack of ambition,training etc.
CTID in the Holy land.

At 9:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their style is not as unattractive as ours just now.


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